The lifters loved the awards!  A much better award then the usual boring plaques
i've got in years past.  Even the veteran lifters that do not care about awards
wanted one.
Thank you so much! Without a doubt you will get my business again!
Thank you for everything,
Anthony Carlquist
APF North Dakota Chairman

Dakota Barbell Gym
Fargo, ND
And by the way...the metals OMG...fantastic! Great quality. We r going to def. Order them again in
future. We were overall impressed with everything we got from u. And everyone loved them and
thought they were unique. So great job on the order. We will def. Be continuing to come back for
our awards. Appreciate your wonderful customer service as well. The meet was a huge success! :)

Jana and Bryan Hoffman
Hoffman's Barbell
UPA Indiana
Here's what our customer are saying....
This is the nicest bench press sculpture anywhere
Tiny Meeker

Monster Gym TX
These are the nicest awards I ever seen. I'm buying all of my awards from you
Kevin Peper
NGPF Indiana
Your awards are sick. The nicest bench press sculpture anywhere.
Paul D.
Gym Warriors
EPF- Peabody Ma
Don't know how I "lost" the email from you from way back in July or August but I wanted to let you
know that everyone that received one of your medals was extremely very please and extremely
impressed.  If ever I need I need any kind of award again you'all will be my go-to company.

Thanks again
Jason Curry
I just received the sculptures and they are magnificent!!!! I wish I had the Squatter to make the
full set. I you make one that matches up, let me it.

marvin mann
Ft Worth Texas
. I freaking love them and will definitely be ordering more. The weight plate medals are awesome too.

The HUB Gyms
Broken Arrow, Ok
Everything turned out perfect Bill....and the medals were definitely a hit! We will definitely be
return customers. Thanks again!
Utah Powerlifting LLC
Chris McGrail
Everyone LOVED the awards. Thank you so much and we will be in touch for next years meet awards!
Lea-Ann Domanski

Progressive Sports Performance
I ended up with 55 lifters and everybody loved the awards.  I recommended you to a couple of other
meet promoters
Thank you,
John Micka
We love the trophies . Everyone kept commenting on them. So glad we found your company.
We will be contacting you next week to place another order for the next several meets we have
coming up.

Denise Timbs
Lebanon TN
I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship of you awards.
Paul Gillott
Prescott, AZ 86303
Everything arrived in great shape and the plaque is amazing.
The next time I have an event I will contact you and thank for all you
Frank Panaro
Walden, New York
The quality on the trophies is amazing! I'm very impressed and I appreciate how
helpful you have been in providing excellent customer service throughout the
whole process. I've already started telling other people that I know and they are
also impressed by your selection so hopefully they purchase from you in the future
as well. If I ever need anything else, I know exactly who to talk too.

Sergio Raul Luna
University of Illinois
Just wanted to thank you for the prompt service for my recent order. It's nice to have an
important detail like a best lifter trophy arriving early enough that the meet director (me) isn't fit
to be tied. As you know, one less detail to worry about the last few weeks before a meet is a
great thing. I will post to the USAPL Facebook page with my positive experience & hopefully I
can drum up some business for you.

Mike Sichelman
2014 USAPL
Colosseum Push/Pull Meet Director
Everyone loved the awards! The bench award was SWEET!!!
Dan & Sparkle Green
Mountain View, CA
Boss of Bosses
Everyone loved them. One of our spotters said he's going to do
one of our meets just to get a medal!  They're amazing :-)
Thank so much Bill. You're awesome.
Adrienne Osborn
Newport, NC
You literally have ZERO competition for these. I've looked of course, but
was really happy to discover your site.  Everyone here that see's these
trophies drools over them and comments how boss they are.
Demetrius Alecos
Nutrition Supply Company
Oshkosh, WI
Thanks again for your help in making our powerlifting meet a successful one.
Tom Pete, CSCS
Raw Sports Performance and Center for Strength
Walnut Creek, CA
I really appreciate your availability and
quick responses. You don't find that
these days. Rare!
I got all of my trophies! Freaking
Awesome and fast delivery
Jason Lawson APF