I first started lifting weights back in the early 80’s.
By 1984 I had made friends with some experienced lifters and was training for my first powerlifting
In the past 35 years I have been a part of many different strength events including strongman, arm
wrestling and powerlifting
Since 1982 I have competed in over 30 meets, judged more than 60 contests and hosted 22
powerlifting competitions.

On April 3rd 2010 I hosted my first powerlifting contest. Once I was in the driver’s seat I realized how
tough it was to make a profit and still keep the lifter fees down.
In my many years of competing, I found the awards have become less and less exciting.
I made it my mission to create newer, bigger and more exciting awards for these competitions.
Elite sculptures was born in 2011.
Although you can buy many kinds of sculptures awards, you will find my personal ES designs are of
real nature that reek of power and energy. All of our creation are made of the toughest most durable
resin available. Our medals are thick and designed specifically to represent power and strength.

I hope you enjoy our products and will give me the opportunity to show you how we can help you
have a better contest and leave everyone happier and richer.
I am always open for ideas and feed back.   

Bill Durant
About Us