King Of The Bench
Date:   Feb 16 2013

Place: American Fitness,48 Bridge st Nashua NH

Time: 10:30am

Lifts contested: Bench Press and push pull, Bench press rep contest

Entry Fee: Bench press only $60  Push pull $65  rep contest $15.00
Thow Who Show Greatness, Shall Be King!
Their will be a REP contest after the Deadlift
$15.00 to enter. Everyone will recieve an award. The top 3
best reps will receive a higher value award.
You will be repping a % of your body weight.
No entry form. sign up day of contest
powerlifting statue
Awards for King of The Bench
7.75" H  x  12" W  x  11"  6.5 lbs
10.25 H  x  9" W  x  4.5"
Huge medals for all contestants
4" x 1/4" 1st place
3.25" x 1/4"  2nd place / 3rd place
Best Lifter award
Best Lifter award
Feb 16 2013
We will take the best benches from the Bench press and the push pull and determine who is king of the bench
Top 3 rep winners awards
Ladies Medal
Would you like to set or break a record in the New EPF
Make sure you purchase an EPF membership before Feb 14th to qualify.
Non members are welcome. You do not need a membership unless you want to set or break a
record in your weight class or age group.

For NH records  click here

For  memberships click here
Sanction by The Elite Powerlifting Federation
Memberships $25.00     Teens $15.00   Masters 65 + $15.00
Belt weighs 6.5 lbs