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                                 Kim Clark

Age: 21

Best Lift:  Deadlift  332.5 lbs  raw, no belt/wraps

About you: I am girly, I really don't like doing cardio so i got into lifting weights. I
color is pink, i like to wear matching outfits. Especially when i compete.
My favorite athlete is Amanda Latona. I like fitness, and the training aspect. But i
love doing deadlifts more then any thing. I think they just come easy to me. I was
a captain of my cheer leading team for 3 years at Austin Prep. I also
have been dancing since i was 2. I stopped dancing when i was 18. I want to keep
improving. I want to keep getting stronger and get into better shape. The only
way that you can do this is by committing your self. So any one out
there who wants to do this should know that you really have to commit your self. I
think thats most important. The first day that i came into the gym was probably my
worst day ever. I actually threw up from the leg work out my trainer had me do;
but he assured me that it was normal and that i shouldn't quit. Now I have a
deadlift ranked in the top 50 of all time for raw powerlifting. If i had given up on
day one after i was so embarrassed i would never have had so much success. I
was featured in the Salem evening news in October, and then the Boston globe
in January. I also won the USPF regionals as the overall winner and i have won 4
of the 6 EPF competitions that i have competed in. I really like competing and I
cant wait to do the EPF nationals this year.
January  2012