From 91 to 9 East
Once on 9 East its about 15 miles to Keene. Take a right at the light after Applebees.
Your now on Rte 10.

Rte 10
Go 4 miles until you see a blinking yellow light. Take a left onto West street. Then take your
immediate right into Cutler school grounds
Map of Swanzey NH, Cutler School
State and National records for the EPF
EPF Elite powerlifting Federation clothes and appareal. Suport your federation and wear EPF gear. EPF powerlifting record certificates can be purchased to prove your acomplishments
Bench pressing rules for the EPF.
Powerlifting equipment for sale. Sell and buy. This is a free service.
EPF featured lifter of the quarter. This is a lifter who shows incredible strength and attitude.
How to measure for your bench shirt.
Powerlifting gyms in our EPF locations
Powerkifting rules of the EPFUSA
Other Links:
Apple Bee's
RTE 101
Raw - No Bench shirts allowed         Equipped - Bench shirts are allowed
Coming Events
Poilce/Fire - This is a Raw division. Awards will be decided by Schwartz formula. Top 5 places.
If we get enough lifters we will divide the class up into mens open & over 40
Coming Events Applications 2011
2012 Membership $25.00

Teens & masters 65 and older $15.00
Keene, Main Street
Mike Wonoski deadlifting at the Gym Warriors Halloween
Havoc contest Oct 29th
                 Gym Warriors
Meet Director:
Paul Desmon
Contact info: xxtralargemuscle@aol.com
                   JULY 28th
                      Oct ?
                   Nov. 24th
Meet Director: Andrew Woebber
Contact info: floydlb26@aol.com

First EPF contest Aug 4th