You may also purchase an EPF membership card at one of our meets.
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Our Next New England contest:
EPF membership card
State and National records for the EPF
EPF Elite powerlifting Federation clothes and appareal. Suport your federation and wear EPF gear. EPF powerlifting record certificates can be purchased to prove your acomplishments
Bench pressing rules for the EPF.
Powerlifting equipment for sale. Sell and buy. This is a free service.
EPF featured lifter of the quarter. This is a lifter who shows incredible strength and attitude.
How to measure for your bench shirt.
Powerlifting gyms in our EPF locations
Powerkifting rules of the EPFUSA
Registration Fee $25  (teens & 65 & up $15)  Make check payable to EPF
Teens & masters 65 and older $15.00 per year