Thank You For Considering Our Products
Shipping Prices:
We Ship our medals through the United States Post Office.
The cost is usually around $95 to ship anywhere in the world.
The shipping time is 10 to 12 days from the day it ships but you should allow an
additional 5 days for packing and paper work. Once the package arrive in your country,
we are not responsible for any delays. In some rare cases the customs dept has held our
packages for up to one week. Please allow plenty of time for the medals to arrive on time
for your event.

Package size:
We can fit approximately 55 small medals (3.25 inch medals) or 45 large (4 inch) medals
or 30 5 inch medals in a medium box.

There is a larger box which can hold about 30 more medals. Price varies.
Things to consider.....
If you really want to save money, you should consider ordering 150
medals or more at one time. You will save money because this
large quantity will ship directly to you from our factory. This
eliminates us as the middle man resulting in a savings of over $200.
Try to team up with another promoter and order enough medals for
two events. This direct shipment will take 30 days after payment

Custom Medals:
Its not much more expensive to create your own custom medals as
long as you order the minimum for a custom medal which is 100
medals. You can order gold, silver and bronze to total 100. The
more you order, the better the savings.
Extra Charges:
In some cases the receiving country will add on fees for duty and taxes.
Although when we ship we put a low value on the goods, some countries still like to add
on and collect the fees before they let you take the  awards.
***We are not responsible for any fees after shipment.
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