This CD is an edited version of the Bench Press Contest held
that day. Names and weights have been added. See special
interviews and other added goodies.

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$10.00 additional copies
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PO BOX 139
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State and National records for the EPF
EPF Elite powerlifting Federation clothes and appareal. Suport your federation and wear EPF gear. EPF powerlifting record certificates can be purchased to prove your acomplishments
Bench pressing rules for the EPF.
Powerlifting equipment for sale. Sell and buy. This is a free service.
EPF featured lifter of the quarter. This is a lifter who shows incredible strength and attitude.
How to measure for your bench shirt.
Powerlifting gyms in our EPF locations
Powerkifting rules of the EPFUSA
Apparel & Awards
Official EPF patch (100% Embroidered)
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Beautifully designed with the official embossed seal of the EPF and signed by the EPF President.   ONLY Available to EPF record holders.
Our Double Body weight certificate is FREE to any
EPF member who benches double or more of their
body weight at the day of our Bench contests. This
certificate is not offered by all states. Please check
with your EPF state meet director for more details..
This is our official EPF T-shirt.
Features: High quality blend tee.  5.6 oz. 50% cotton/polyester blend.
Preshrunk, Standard fit. Taped shoulders.
Double needle stitching throughout garment.
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T-shirt sizes
Bumper Sticker
4" X 7 1/4"
Vinyl layer weather proofing
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