EPF- Jack Bartlet  benches 500 plus
EPF Wayne mudrack benches 515
Jack Bartlet  500 plus  2004
Wayne Mudrack  515lbs.  2006
EPF Ken Matson benches 575
Ken Matson 575  2007
EPF Ryan Desomnd benches 845
Ryan Desmond  845 lbs.  2007
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Dec. 2nd 2006
Raw, Big Bench Shootout, Record Breakers
EPF Ken Matson attemps 605 and just misses it.
Ken Mattson  attempting 605 lbs
EPF- 69 years old  Fred Peterson gets award for 630 squat
Fred Peterson
At 69 years old did an Amazing 630 Dead lift
State and National records for the EPF
Take a look back in time at
some of our head liners
EPF Ryan Desmond benches 725
Ryan Desmond  735 lbs 2005
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Bench pressing rules for the EPF.
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